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Why Chiranjeevi was furious on Ram Charan?

Megastar Chiranjeevi is known for his calm and stable nature. However there are few instances where he lost his cool Publicly cussing his fans as “Stupid Fellows”. Though then issue was for the mistake of fans disturbing the Public Media gathering;

Why Chiranjeevi was furious on Ram Charan?

Recently Ram Charan stated about an incident when asked about the Khaidi No. 150 star cool and calm nature, where the father lost his Cool and shouted on his Son. Being a Father is one of the hardest things, Fathers have to be cool and stern at the same time to teach .

Ram Charan shared the incident as “My dad dependably keeps up a quiet and composed attitude even at home. He doesn’t generally hope to shout on anybody as he doesn’t care for it by any means. In any case, he is ultra touchy with regards to regarding ladies and once when I just conversed with my mother in brutal tone, he lost his cool on me.”

“Really, me and my mother, are more similar to companions we do reprove each other and after that returned to typical inside a few days. My dad doesn’t know this and on that day, he was sitting with us and visiting about something. My mom stated, how about we go and I brutally stated, “Sit”. My dad didn’t care for my tone and he began disclosing to me how we should women and how to regard elderly. To the extent I recollect, that is one time when he lost his cool on me.”

Such a heart warming episode to know that our beloved Megastar respects ladies and also tried to teach his son the same. At Present our Mega Power star is leaving no strings unturned to complete the movie “Rangasthalam” being shot by The Great ‘Sukumar’.

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