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Why Varun Tej rejected Bollywood heroine’s invitation..?

Mega Prince Varun Tej’s “Tholiprema” about to release on the 9th of this February. Varun is sharing the screen this time with a British-Indian Model Sapna Pabbi who made her mark in India with Bollywood’s “Khamoshiyan”. Though the film did not make a great impact like it was expected, the stunning diva made her signature with her grace.

Why Varun Tej rejected Bollywood heroine's invitation..?

Now coming to the title above, the buzz is that during the shoot Varun Tej repeatedly ignored the diva’s offer for dinner. Not just Varun including the debutant director Venky Atluri ignored as well. The reason was funny and responsible at the same time. “Tholiprema” film unit has gotten minimum schedule duration in foreign and they tried to make it as efficient as possible. That is the sole reason for Varun rejecting Sapna’s invitation.

We hope the film becomes a huge Success and all the technicians get credit for their hard work. Also, we hope Varun will accept our cute Sapna’s dinner invitation the next time he gets invited and everything gets a good end card. The film is to be released on 9th February in your nearby theatres and hope you catch Sapna’s Sunona Sunaina song in the movie. For more trendy updates do visit our previous posts.

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