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Sai Dharam Tej’s True Nature Is Exposed..!

There is no celebrity actor in the history where he was or is at least once felt embarrassed by his fans. It is not nothing new to hear that a fan went to the extends to meet his idol and display his affection upon him.

Sai Dharam Tej's True Nature Is Exposed..!

In India Cricket players and Cinema Actors are idolized to such extent that few hardcore fans cross their boundaries and expose their love for their celebrity and parallel embarrassing them in the public. But now the tables have turned when Tamil Actor Suriya started touching his fan’s feet when his fan touched his feet. In India we touch else’s feet to show our respect or gratitude we have for them. When Suriya did the act, it began to inspire other actors who encounter this situation.

Recently Supreme Hero Sai Dharam Tej had a fan came and touched his feet, he reciprocated his act by touch his fan’s feet, and said others not to follow this ritual as he will embarrass them in the same way such a positive act to watch made everyone realize why he is known for his simple attitude to life. He says he tries to follow his uncle’s steps, he said in many occasions that he is inspired by both Mega Star and Power Star of Tollywood equally.

Currently Sai Dharam Tej is excited for his movie ‘Intteligent‘ movie directed by V.V Vinayak and produced by C. Kalyan competing with another Mega Hero Varun Tej‘s ‘Tholiprema’.

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