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What Made Pawan Kalyan Fans Angry On Mass Maharaja..?

Tollywood’s Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja known for his savvy attitude and crisp but powerful one-liners in his movie. He maintains the same energy off the sets in real life. Recently there was Q/A session or live chat to be precise conducted by him on Twitter. He dodged few irresponsible questions, but replied to others in his usual simple yet power packed answers. Few of the questions were rounded about Mahadan’s next project, where he confirmed to leave him out of the films for few years.

What Made Pawan Kalyan Fans Angry On Mass Maharaja..?

He confirmed the buzz about him working with Srinu Vaitla soon and there will not be many supporting one another in this Industry and they have to take care of themselves. There was a question to which he answered quite sarcastically, but we all know that sarcasm flies over low brains and that hurts their butt. The question was “What was his Paytm number?” To that replied ‘Addukune vadila kanabadatunnana’ rough translation is ‘Do I look like a beggar?’ The tweet was deleted immediately by the person who wrote,so we do not know did he edited the question after the answer or something. But this act gave few persons a chance to spew shit on him on the Twitter feed.

What made us write this article mostly is that in the live chat session, many Pawan Kalyan Fans repeatedly asked about Ravi Teja opinion about Power Star or to say one word about him. But Ravi Teja quietly ignored answering about him. Wonder why our Mass Maharaja did that is yet unknown. But it is quite clear that his silence paved way for Pawan fans a slight heat in the chat session on why such attitude. And when asked about his favorite actor? His answer remained the same as usual “Eppatiki Amitab Bachan ye”. His film ‘Touch Chesi Choodu’ is released in theaters recently.

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