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Is Rajinikanth doing charity for his Politics Debut?

When a Delegation of 16 farmers met Tamil Nadu’s Demi-God Shri Rajinikanth, a usual feat was done again by the Superstar.

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Our beloved Rajinikanth, Known for his Philanthropist attitude, gave the farmers assurance that he will give them support in the “Interlinking rivers” issue which has been a havoc in the Country Capital for the past few months.

The farmer leader said that ‘Thalaiva’ offered them Rs.1 Crore and suggested them not to cool down on the issue; Rajinikanth has recently proposed his fans to ‘Get Ready and Prepare for War’ which might be a way of saying that he might break the long wait of his Political Entrance or another new release of his Movie’s update. However we hope the upcoming scenario might favor the Farmers and Paint the agricultural land green.

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