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Deepika Padukone gave a stunning reply to ‘Padmaavat’ protestors…!

“Padmaavat”, another Indian magnum opus after “Baahubali” needs no introduction not after its recent release,but even before it went on the sets. Karni Sena and other imbecile Rajputs even without knowing the script attacked the sets several times and even attacked the cast n crew on social media platforms. Movie director repeatedly pleaded in front of the media that there were no intimate scenes of Rani Padmavathi nor any scenes which reduce the shaan of Rajput. But the uneducated karni Sena followers pushed by some external hidden force.

Deepika Padukone gave a stunning reply to 'Padmaavat' protestors...!

However, after uncounted struggles faced by film crew the film was aired in theaters on January 25,2018. Many Malls, theaters and some idiot swines even attacked school buses to express their butthurt aggression. After the film’s release everyone applauded the Director who also composed the music , Cinematographer and the actors who just not portrayed the characters but lived as them on screens. During the Karni Sena trying to stop the movie shoot. There was a person who announced bounty for Deepika Padukone’s Nose, yes you read it right, a handful of 5Crores INR.

After the film’s release Deepika now finally responded to that and sarcastically replied that she likes her nose and not to take that, else she joked to take her legs as they are long and they can take one. I’m sure the person who sets the bounty is dying everyday a thousand deaths. After the statement she described one of her childhood incidents and how she knocked a guy who disturbed her by trying take advantage of their silence in public.

Currently Deepika is busy acting as mafia queen Rahima Khan in a Mumbai based Mafia Film named “Sapna Didi”. For more updates do visit our website posts.

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