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Who is calling Varun Tej an ‘idiot’…?

Which Fan would not be interested to know about his favorite celebrity or idol. Be it a Film Star, or a Cricketer, the craze does not differ to the passioner. In olden days, only the paparazzi had the audacity to know about celebs. Kudos to the Internet now we can know even the smallest detail about our actors or cricketers as most of them are available in Social Networking Sites and fill our hunger with their regular posts.

Who is calling Varun Tej an 'idiot'...?
Recently Varun Tej’s “Tholi Prema” movie has been released and to promote the film, like every actor he came live on Facebook. The way he answered the bullets of questions shot by his fans made it clear that he is a Genuine and fun loving person. Now let’s dive into the real news. He gave it a clear note that he is single and ready to mingle, branding himself as the Most Eligible Bachelor in T-town. When Fans asked him about his first love as his coming movie name indicates. He gave few quirky and honest answers without showing any stardom head prick like few self thought actors do. He cleared for any rumors that he is not currently dating and not seeing himself to be married anytime soon.

He humorly stated that he will not reveal his payscale as it will involve Income Tax visits to him, but frankly stated that the remuneration is not constant. If he likes the script, the story and he has believed on the director, he will try to reduce his remuneration and if possible he charges not even a penny. He accepted that he receives Huge sums of paychecks from routine commercial movies, but is trying to avoid it. Our “Mukunda” actor is selecting his scripts very carefully, now there is a buzz on the Internet that the “Ghazi” fame Director Sankalp will be directing Varun Tej on India’s first Astronaut thriller Movie. We hope our Varun reaches more than he is now, which is 6 feet 4 inches mentioned by him to one of his fan Q/A.

Coming to the headlines, Varun said that he has many nicknames, everyone has their own pick,for example his father Nagababu will always call him ‘Yedava’ (IDIOT). Looks like how celeb you turn into, you are still a sweet yedava in front of your parents. We now know that Varun’s film is getting a bang welcome at Box-office as the film is a love-story and released during Valentine’s week.

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