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Bollywood Baadshah To Face Jail For Forged Documents…?

As published in our previous article about Bollywood Baadshah Mr. Shah Rukh Khan’s Deja Vu farms farmhouse was enlisted in Income tax department Seizures list under Benami Transactions (Prohibition) Act, 2016.

Bollywood Baadshah To Face Jail For Forged Documents...?

The lands were purchased under Shah Rukh Khan’s Wife Gauri Khan’s Father and her sister who are the directors of the Deja Vu Farms, whom initially took lands for agricultural purpose, but not used or it in any way but used it as a farm house for parties or for celeb meetings. The farm was equipped with Swimming pool and had a Helipad, now in what agricultural land a helicopter is required is yet to know.

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During the IT investigation, Former Accountant of SRK Mr. Ajagaonkar allegedly admitted forging documents following his orders from the Bollywood’s heartthrob. He also accepted forging a document which states to show a bungalow before 1991. But on the contrary, to the document, there was no bungalow based on the Satellite Images on that land bought by Shah Rukh. Income Tax officials are giving a ball park figure of a minimum Rs.50Crores has been spent to build the lavish farm house, which was worth about Rs. 146.7Crores for a 19,960 Sq meters land. If at all he is found guilty or at least listed in the accused list, he will have to face jail for an duration of half a year to 7 years depending upon his involvement. Also, he has to pay a hefty amount of 10 percent of his total wealth as a penalty to the court of Mumbai.

We hope everything gets settled to the sincerest results and the real accused is dealt with justice without showing any mercy for being a celeb. Be it Shah Rukh or his relatives. By this news it is highly evident that our Indian Judicial System is driven into a sincere lane successfully dealing justice to the gamblers.

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