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Andhra Pradesh Agriculture Budget 2014-15

Today Andhra Pradesh Agriculture Minister Pathipati Pulla Rao was presented Agriculture Budget in Assembly. Overall Agriculture Budget is valued at Rs. 13108 Crores with Rs. 5000 Crore for farm loan waiver and a non-plan expenditure is Rs. 6373.5 Crore.


In the assembly, Agriculture minister P. Pulla Rao stated that Agriculture is going to be made profitable through the TDP regime and villages is going to be changed from the erstwhile dormant economic areas into a vibrant growth engines.

Listed here are highlights of Agriculture Budget of AP

Total Budget Rs. 13108 Crore
plan expenditure Rs. 6735 Crore
non-plan expenditure Rs. 6373 Crore

  • Rs. 5000 Crore for farm loan waiver and 1.5 lakhs farm loan waiver for every farmer family
  • Rs. 3188 Crore for providing free power
  • Rs.1349 crore for MNREGS link to agriculture
  • Rs. 723 Crore Veterinary department
  • Rs.348 Crore  for Micro irrigation
  • Rs.230 Crore for Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana scheme.
  • Rs.212 Crore for concessions on seed supply.
  • Rs. 192 Crore for N.G.Ranga Agricultural University
  • Rs.156 Crore for Cooperation department
  • Rs.149 Crore for Prof Acharya NG Ranga University
  • Rs. 122 Crore for silk industry.
  • Rs. 112 Crore for Sri Venkateswara Veterinary University.
  • Rs. 60 Crore for fisheries industry.
  • Rs. 59 Crore for oil seeds and oil farm machines
  • Rs. 30.61 Crore for YSR Horticultural University

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