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11 Powerful lessons from Lord Shiva you can follow these in your life

             The tranquil-looking lord can transform into a destroyer, and even be a bholenath. He has various shades to his character, and is one god who will really teach us the wisdom to live. Take a glance at eleven lessons we can gain from him. These are the 11 Powerful lessons learned from Lord Shiva.
1. Come what may, you should never endure evil:
          Lord Shiva was referred to as the destroyer of evil. He could not endure injustice and demolished the evil rakshasas in a truthful manner. In the same way, even we ought to attempt to keep intolerance for the evil incident around us and take a stand against injustice.
2. Self-control is the key to living life to the fullest:
          An uncontrolled mind will lead you to live a unfortunate life. You can’t win challenges once you lose focus and fall prey to your wishes and habits. Consequently, it is important to keep your mind adjusted to your objectives and heart as well.
3. Keep calm and continue:
           Lord Shiva was known as a ‘Maha Yogi’ because he meditated for quite a long time for the prosperity of the universe. His calm mind set was disturbed just because of extreme reasons, however otherwise he would always be in a reflective state of mind. so highlighting the actual fact that you can win a large portion of the battle just by being quiet in an unpleasant circumstance. It’s truly the effective strategy to sorting out an issue.
4. Materialistic happiness ne’er remains for long:
           Take a glance at Shiva’s apparel for a second. Simply equipped with a trishul and damru,
Take a look at Shiva’s attire for a second. Only armed with a trishul and damru, Lord Shiva always far from riches. You’re missing out on nothing in life in case you’re not connected  to wealth and materialistic things. Mainly because materialistic happiness is non permanent. You have to discover your happiness in occasions and experiences, and not things.
5. You should learn the way how to restrain negativity graciously:
Lord Shiva is called as ‘Neelkanth’ because he swallowed poison called ‘Halahala’, that arrived from the sea. Only Shiva might have consumed this  and suppressed poison in his throat. The most important lesson to reclaim from this episode is to take negativity within our stride, and transform it into positivity.
6. Desires result in fixation and fixation result in destruction:
            Since Lord Shiva was free from desires, he ne’er obsessed on things. It’s a simple fact that desires constantly result in obsessions, and these in turn make us self-damaging.
7. Respect your spouse:
             Lord Shiva is familiar as ‘Ardhanarishwar’, wherever half of him was Maa Parvati. Lord Shiva treated Parvati with most extreme respect and care. Parvati was Lord Shiva’s ‘Shakti’ and he gave her the significance she merited.
8. You should control your ego and forsaking off pride:
            Your ego is that the only issue that stops you from achieving  greatness. It’s your ego that interferes with your objectives and dreams, and makes you a less adoring individual. It’s said that Shiva carried trishul to keep his ego under control. He ne’er let his ego get the higher of himself. On the other hand, nor did he endure any other individual’s ego.
9. Do careful research on something you’re probably going to get into:
             Maa Ganga in  Lord Shiva’s hair indicates the end of ignorance. This suggests  you ought to understand what you’re entering into. Being in refusal about facts isn’t going to help.
10. Perceive that everything is transitory:
            Maha Yogis don’t fall for ‘moh maya’. They realize that life is temporary and what goes on today is not going to exist permanently. Time changes thus do we.
11. Dance:
            Lord Shiva is known as Nataraja or the King of Dance. In spite of the fact that his “tandav” demolished the world,  it was additionally an art that passed on to us.

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